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The Kipling Room

The Kipling Room

Nestled within the historic walls of The Grange lies a treasure trove of literary history – The Kipling Room.

This dedicated space celebrates the life and works of the renowned author, Rudyard Kipling, who once called this place home and penned timeless tales such as “The Jungle Book.” As you step into the room, be prepared to embark on a journey through time. From evocative images that capture Kipling’s spirit to intricate maps detailing his global adventures, every corner of the room offers a glimpse into the world of this literary giant.

Delve deeper into his family history and discover the threads of inspiration that wove into his captivating stories. We warmly invite you to experience this unique fusion of history and artistry, and to connect with the legacy of an author who has touched the hearts of generations.

The Kipling Room at The Grange

Photos of The Kipling Room

Click on the photo grid below to see some of the fantastic imagery and historic contents of the room.