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The Village Phone Box

Rottingdean Village Phone Box

Acquired in February 2020 Rottingdean Heritage acquired the kiosk from BT for £1 on 19 February 2020.

It is a red K6 phone box designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who also designed Liverpool Cathedral and Power Stations at Battersea and Bankside (now Tate Modern.) It is a Grade II Listed Building, and the long-term intention is to use it for community purposes. Initially we intend to use it to promote its activities in The Grange. It is a popular feature in the village and visitors like to photograph themselves next to it.

During the Covid lockdowns and whilst the library was closed it was temporarily used as a book swap facility.

This situation has now changed and we have reverted to our original ideas for its use.

The Phone Box is currently being refurbished as a publicity facility for various village organisations.

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