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The Grange Museum

Find out about the history, the garden and current events at The Grange

Originally a Georgian house built as a vicarage, The Grange was renamed by the famous artist Sir William Nicholson when he lived here before WW1.

It now houses an Art Gallery and Museum which are managed by Rottingdean Heritage, as well as the local library and Tourist Information Hub which are the responsibility of Brighton and Hove Council.

It is a popular place to visit, particularly in the summer when the Tea gardens are open in the award-winning Grange Garden at the rear of the building.

The Grange Gallery features a varied programme of work by local artists throughout the year, highlights being the May Open Houses and the Christmas Fair which attract many visitors.

The Museum houses an interesting collection of local exhibits, including a model of the Daddy Long Legs, a strange pavilion on legs that went from Kemp Town to Brighton, as well as information about the internationally famous Copper family of Folk Singers. There are also rooms dedicated to Edward Burne-Jones and Rudyard Kipling both of whom lived in houses round the Green.

Rottingdean Heritage is planning to create a further gallery dedicated to Sir William Nicholson and his family, which included the famous modernist painter Ben Nicholson.

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