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Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions at The Grange Gallery

This ever-evolving space hosts an eclectic array of talent, showcasing a new artist every few weeks and offering visitors a fresh and unique visual experience with each visit. From Nicky Heard’s innovative “Painting with Wool” to Sue Jones’ intimate “Personal Journeys with Textiles”, and Tony O’Connor’s vibrant “Celebration of Brighton Through Art”, the gallery promises a rich tapestry of creative expressions.

Not only is entrance to these breathtaking exhibitions free of charge, but attendees also have the unique opportunity to bring a piece of the artistry home. Many artworks are available for purchase, allowing you to own a tangible fragment of the magic showcased within. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the diverse creativity of The Grange Gallery, where every visit paints a different story.

Previous exhibitions:

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Mark Munroe-Preston Treescapes
Holly Crompton and Co - Naturescape: A Trio of Creative Journeys
Rottingdean Art Club - Turning a Leaf
Peacehaven Art Club
Society of Catholic Artists – Kaleidoscope
Graham Allum Poster
The Grange Gallery's Christmas Fair 2023
Sara Reeve Portraits Poster
Kim Priggen & Co - Animal, Vegetable & Mineral
Sussex Women Printmakers
Sue Jones Poster - Personal Journeys with Textiles
Tony O'Connor
Liza Morton
Nicky Heard Poster