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You did this! Rottingdean Heritage Members help Village Map Project.


Date published: July 2, 2021

ou may have noticed that this week new Rottingdean Village Maps were erected in place of the older versions that had been in situ since the early 1990’s and were beginning to show their age. Here are some before and after images, so you can remind yourselves of what the older maps looked like, and how their wonderfully colourful replacements really stand out.

On the wall of the Village Club, before…

…and after:

The Map at the corner of the West Street Car Park has also been replaced, before…

…and after:

Above: Installers applying the final sealant to protect the signs from the elements.

This project was a Rottingdean Heritage initiative that came out of several discussions with local groups about erecting a clock tower a few years back – a project that unfortunately never got off the ground in the end. The designing, printing and erecting of these maps was only made possible with the additional support of Rottingdean Parish Council and with collaboration from Visit Rottingdean, and local charity Parc.

They were designed by local graphic designer Mike Jolley who was involved with the rebranding and transitioning of The Rottingdean Preservation Society to Rottingdean Heritage and incorporates the new cleaner lines and new font that Rottingdean Heritage now uses across all its platforms both in print and on the web.

But more important than all of that is the fact that this project was only possible because of the continued support of our members, and is another real and tangible example of what we spend our income on for the benefit of all.

There is a plan in the near future to put up another map which will be erected closer to the Gap and Rottingdean Stages nearer the beach to showcase what is available for the visitor to see and explore in the village that will hopefully encourage our visitors to fully appreciate all that the village has to offer.

Older members may be interested in this photograph taken in the early 1990’s (we think) showing the unveiling of the map in the West Street Car Park.

The opening of the Village sign, produced by The Rottingdean Preservation Society but sponsored by American Express, was sometime in the early 1990’s, the exact year is not specified.

The photo shows among others, Barry Hinchcliff, Mike Smith (who largely founded the museum) and John and Pat Commin. Do you recognise any of the other people in the photo?

John being the chairman at the time and the driving force for this and all the other changes at The Grange.

New signs for the Seafront go up as well…

These are to encourage visitors to explore the village and find out what we have to offer, instead of staying near the beach. Let’s hope our local businesses benefit from the increased footfall.