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New Heritage Boards planned


Date published: March 11, 2022

As you walk through the village you can’t miss the various Rottingdean Heritage information boards (or plinths) that are dotted around.

In addition to a revamp of the older RPS versions of the boards, which have all been completed and erected, there will be two more added to the current eight boards in the near future and here’s an exclusive preview of them:


Rottingdean Scrapbook – the sequel

Our museum curator Mike Laslett has completed a second volume of his well received booklet A Rottingdean Scrapbook.

Imaginatively entitled A Rottingdean Scrapbook 2 (what else!) it’s on sale now from the Grange Gallery priced at £2.00.

Mike also had this to say about developments in the Museum:

“Following the reinvention of the North Room as an art Gallery there will be some changes in the museum area. The Kipling room is being refreshed but remains open and has a new continuous slide show of over 50 photos taken by Kipling himself in 1898.

The South room has a new cabinet on farming in which are many original letters and bills. Most are from the Copper family but one is a letter from Mrs Hedges at Balsdean farm recalling how she walked to Rottingdean daily for bread and to Brighton once a week.”

The historical archive section of the website continues to grow with the latest additions being about Trunky Thomas and his family and some pictures of Rudyard Kipling’s young family growing up in Rottingdean.

For a full list of the archive’s contents visit the A-Z List or alternatively use the search bar in the top right hand corner of any page on the site.

Where is the Sun exhibition – a ground breaking event

The first exhibition of 2022 was a taste of things to come as it was held across both galleries and used the extended space of the revamped north gallery to amazing effect.

There was a Jazz and Poetry event held on Sunday 27th February in the north gallery which really started to show off the space and gave a good idea of its potential for the future. Here are some images of that event which was well attended despite being a last minute addition to the program.




Exhibition Virtual Tours

In addition this exhibition was the first to have a virtual tour filmed for posterity and this can be viewed on a new page on our website:

This tour was filmed by a Rottingdean Heritage member who kindly supported us by filming the virtual tour of the windmill which can also be viewed on the new page, this windmill tour has proved very popular with site members up to date and has now been released for the general public to view.

We intend to offer a virtual tour service to all future gallery exhibitors who may wish to archive their work in this way.

New YouTube Channel

A guided tour by Dr Sue Jones was also uploaded to our new Rottingdean Heritage YouTube channel which has been opened recently and will be another future resource for us to use.

Here’s the link: Rottingdean Heritage – YouTube

As you can see from the list of subscribers (One !) it’s very new, so please subscribe to it – thanks.

As always, thanks for supporting Rottingdean Heritage and we wish you well in these uncertain times.