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End of Show Report 2023 - Rottingdean Windmill - Image 1

End of Show Report 2023 – Rottingdean Windmill


Date published: September 6, 2023

End of Show Report for Rottingdean Heritage

Dear Rottingdean Heritage,

Thank you for letting us hold the exhibition and event at the Windmill, it was great to be back again!

Here is an introduction to the organisers, we are an artist-led group “Art Rovers”
Jo Goddard – artist and resident of Ovingdean, and daughter of the late Sandra Goddard, folk singer. Jos parents ran folk clubs in Brighton and Sussex for over 20 years.

Mimi Butler – Illustrator and Lino Artist, Hove. Mimi has organised many exhibitions in galleries and unusual places, including one at Newhaven Fort. She works with social media and digital graphics.

This year we decided to have the art show on the weekend and the folk singing / music on the following Wednesday, so that both parts could get the attention they deserved. This was also to ensure that there were not too many people in the mill/Beacon Hill area at once.

The art show was a group show of six women artists – mainly landscapes and artworks inspired by nature. Everything was handmade – nothing digital. All the artists were present during the show, which was good for the visitors to meet them. Some even sold a few pictures!

The weather on the weekend for the art show was not too bad, but by Wednesday there was a storm warning, so sadly the Morris Dancers decided not to risk dancing in the wet. But some of them came to sing anyway. Before the rain begun in earnest, visitors and folkies were enjoying a picnic and singing outside the mill. We had some musicians from Lewes Folk Club and some established folk singers from Rottingdean, Peacehaven and Patcham. Then we had the two folk choirs, slightly reduced in number due to the rain, but they sang really well, taking turns at singing traditional songs from Sussex. Later on there were shanties from the Homeward Bound shanty group, who were joined by members of Brighton Morris.

Despite the weather, we had about 450 people visit on the weekend and over 85 visitors over the course of the Wednesday folk event. Early on we had sung outside but by about 5pm it was raining so we stood/sat inside to sing. Basically the wet picnickers went home, and more dry people arrived!

The Event In Numbers:

  • 1 Windmill
  • 3 days of community events
  • 2 Folk Choirs
  • 6 artists exhibiting
  • 535 visitors over 3 days
  • and 2 very tired but happy Organisers!

The 6 Artists:

MIMI BUTLER Illustrator –
JO GODDARD Ceramic artist –
JO GODDARD Wulfman Tiki –
TARA GOULD Artist – Instagram –
VICTORIA HOMEWOOD Painter – Instagram –
JOLENE KARMAN Painter and Photographer – Instagram –

The Folk Performers:

Bees Mouth Folk Choir
Brighton Folk Choir
Homeward Bound Shanties
Brighton Morris

We also thank the breweries who donated beer for the singers and Tesco in Woodingdean who donated soft drinks & snacks.

A massive thanks also to….The staff of the Skylark Café in the Beacon Hill Hub, and to Colin of RH who helped with lifts and supporting us despite the weather.

Here’s to next year’s event!
Jo Goddard, Mimi Butler, The Organisers

End of Show Report 2023 - Rottingdean Windmill - Image 2