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Chairman’s Christmas Newsletter to RH Members


Date published: December 20, 2020



This week, we finally held our Annual General Meeting, which had been delayed by the further government lockdown in November. I am therefore writing to let you know that, as a result of an unanimous decision, the name of our society has now formally changed from Rottingdean Preservation Society to ROTTINGDEAN HERITAGE.

The RPS has had many major achievements over the years of which it is justly proud, but times have moved on, and we wanted a name that more clearly reflects what we do now to support and enhance the heritage of our beautiful village. Crucially, we need to attract more members and volunteers from the many families who have moved to Rottingdean in recent years.

This year was to have been our 60th Anniversary year, and we had hoped to launch RH with a number of exciting events and exhibitions over the summer. Like so many other organisations, we had to put these on hold, but I am pleased to say that we plan to hold similar events this coming year, 2021, once things start to get back to normal.

Rottingdean Heritage is also planning important developments to the Grange Gallery and Museum. We have also formed a Working Group to develop the North Room into a Nicholson Gallery, reflecting the life of Sir William and his family when they lived at The Grange at the beginning of the last century. Mike Laslett is now the new Museum Curator and we have just appointed Fiona Kirkcaldy to be the Gallery Director. We hope to work with both of them to bring new vigour to the exhibitions at The Grange.

This year has been one of immense frustration, but I feel that the Society is in a stronger position now than it has been for some time, and we look forward to a better year when we can celebrate all that this lovely village has to offer.

On behalf of the Trustees and all the committee can I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chris Davidson


Executive Committee: Chris Davidson (Chair), Robert Upward (Vice-Chair), Rowena Bennett (Secretary), Susan Swinnerton (Treasurer), Barry Wright (Membership), Colin Dellar, Susan Jones

Associate Members: Fiona Kirkcaldy (Art Gallery Director); Michael Laslett (Museum Curator and Archivist); Karen North (Asst. Archivist); Michael Bennett (Planning and CAG representative)