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A very local artist


Date published: August 6, 2021

Mick Bensley has been a resident of Rottingdean for so long he is almost as ubiquitous as the famous 1802 Smock Mill on Beacon Hill.

A resident since 1990 Mick has painted the many beautiful views of our village, the nearby coastal scenes, and the seascapes we all enjoy for many, many years.

Mick has kindly let us have access to some of his archived material and we thought that you would like to see some of these cuttings that Mick has shared with us.

COVID 19 and its impact

As we all know Covid has hit certain sectors of the working community really hard and no more so than working artists and musicians. Mick is a prominent member of this community and as such deserves our support now more than ever.

We would urge all members to make sure that you visit his forthcoming exhibition (on from August 11th) and avail yourselves of the offers available during the three weeks that the exhibition is open.

Opening hours are as usual on our website:

Some archive material from his time in Sheringham, Norfolk:

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