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Kim Priggen, Jake Fern, Louise Elizabeth and Woofing Fabulous 

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Kimmy Priggen

Kim has painted on and off all her life, but took it more seriously after taking voluntary redundancy from her long term job as a Diamond Valuer in London’s Hatton garden.


She honed her skills, both watercolour and acrylic from two talented local artists with very differing styles, from 2008. Her pet portrait commissions are generally in acrylics, and tend to go down very well, with tears of joy not unusual from the recipients! She doesn’t necessarily aim for a photographic likeness ( If that was the case then frame a photo!) but capturing the character or a twinkle in the eye!


Watercolours seemed to suddenly click into place, and are in a looser style than the acrylics.  Animals are at the heart of Kimmy Priggens art,they seem to bring a smile to people’s faces!


Kimmy has been painting for many animal charities particularly International Animal Rescue, all proceeds from her best seller ‘PunkBaby’ a baby Orang Utan to this charity.


She has also recently set up a website and has originals, prints and cards available for sale, and is also a member of the Association of Animal Artists. She takes on pet portrait or other commissions,  there is presently a waiting list.


She is based in the Rottingdean area.

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Jake Fern

Jake is a portrait and landscape artist (Finalist, Worthing Portrait Artist of the Year 2021) as well as a survivor of the cult of post-modern cultural Marxism. He has returned to his original love of Truth and Beauty despite the concerted efforts of 'Academia'. (Keep in mind the dictionary definition of the word 'academic': 'having no practical or useful significance'!.)

'"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"—that is all
       Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.' Keats


    'Truth' is what every true artist is trying to capture, whether it's the scribbles we do as a child, wild abstract compositions or figurative art. The essence is the same. The power of portraiture is largely to do with the process and the intention. Why do we often prefer a painting to a photograph, even though the photo may be more accurate? Maybe it's because when we commission a portrait we are making a statement of love for the subject. This love is relected back through the care and effort that the artist places in the painting. It's a collaboration.


    With landscapes their attraction may be that they help us to see the world differently. They snap us out of our habitual reactions and open us up to the divine. Or maybe they just look nice.


Woofing Fabulous by Liza Morton

Woofing Fabulous By Liza Morton 8.jpeg

Woofing Fabulous handmade in Saltdean, just outside of Brighton. Full of fun and quirky animals and birds created in Liza’s garden pottery studio at her seaside cottage.

Before becoming a full time artist Liza was a teacher and Head of Art for many years in Surrey. When she left teaching she also re-homed a kiln from her former school and started creating pottery dogs for customers.

From this she realised how important her animals were to her and she came up with the name Woofing Fabulous because they are at the heart of her Art.

The sea, the Sussex coastline and Brighton's comical seagulls brought 'seagulls sitting on deckchairs' to the Woofing Fabulous gang as her collection grew.

She hopes to help people smile when they see her pottery pieces. Somebody once said that they were like a cartoon made out of clay.

From small hanging ceramic decorations, to large commissioned ceramic sculptures, there are a variety of gifts that are all handmade and then fired in her kiln called Bertha.

Her Etsy shop is currently selling small pieces that are easily posted to your loved ones.

On Instagram you will be able to see her making videos and some of her larger pieces including recent exhibitions at Artists Open Houses in Brighton & Hove and Lewes Artwave in Isfield at The Stitching Post UK.



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Louise Elizabeth

Louise has been sewing since being taught as a child by both grandmothers.  She continued her interest during school years but then “work got in the way” and things fell by the wayside.  It was whilst working in the USA that she discovered the diversity of quilt making her passion was re-ignited.  She has made numerous quilts of varying colours and styles, and is always happy to take on a commission.  Working with customers to design a personal quilt that will last for years, generations even, is a joy.


Louise also makes a range of textile pictures and greetings cards for those not quite ready for a full sized bed quilt.  That said, wall hangings are a great addition to any room and, like a painting, can be individually made to reflect the existing colour scheme and theme .


She is based in Rottingdean and can be found on FaceBook, Instagram and Etsy as @LouiseElizabethUK

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