Heart Of The Village Campaign

Often when you talk to people who are new to Rottingdean, whether visitors or residents, the first thing they mention is The Windmill.


You can see it from miles away!
It's so iconic!
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I know I'm home when I see the Mill...
I wonder how old it is?

But did you know that Rottingdean Heritage maintains it?

And that it costs £1000's per year for it's upkeep?

Help us to keep our Windmill at the Heart Of The Village by becoming a member today!

Join Rottingdean Heritage as a Household member.*

Household membership is less than .50p per week, that's only £25.00 for a year.

Spot the difference...what's missing?

Iconic Windmill .jpg

What's missing? Your .50p per week!

Join today and show us where your heart lies

* Single membership at £15 per annum is also an option