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Updated: May 24, 2021

Our 1802 19th Century windmill meets 21st Century virtual technology...

We have uploaded a virtual tour of our windmill exclusively for our website members as a thank you.

You need to have logged on as a site member in order to view this amazing video.

This is an exclusive benefit for being one of the first to register and log on to the Rottingdean Heritage site and is a thank you for your support.

Please go to the What's On section of the site and click on Windmill Virtual Tour.

The video and the technology was supplied by village resident Greg from Future Virtual .

A brief explanation on how to view the video:

  1. You can explore the files at your leisure, but if you want a virtual running tour then press the play button (▷) in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. You can stop the video at any time by clicking the screen, or the red pause button, and then go back to the play button (▷) to resume your tour.

  3. You can also reduce or call up the highlights (the gallery of images at the bottom of the screen) using the arrow button next to the play button. You can also scroll through these highlights to view the areas you are most interested in.

  4. There are 360° symbols which you can click to view once you pause the video - these provide some interesting views!

  5. The View Dollhouse button gives you an overview of the entire scan.

  6. The View Floor Plan shows the various floors available to view, currently only 2 but later planned scans will try and show all 5.

  7. You can zoom in and out at any time too.

This marvellous technology is able to show parts of the mill that are never usually accessible for the public to view.

It will be uploaded for general view to all in the next few weeks, but for you it's available from today for a limited time - enjoy!

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