Mikey Skinner discusses his upcoming exhibition at The Grange Gallery

Updated: May 24

The artist Mikey Skinner has exhibited with us before at The Grange Gallery and this time it marks the beginning of a new chapter in our gallery's story.

Mickey tells us, "I am very fortunate to have had the chance to realise my passion for creativity in my life and have been able to express myself through art and music, décor, graphic design, photography, teaching etc. I was trained, as a graphic designer and have had a career in design and teaching & lecturing in schools of art. I have had several exhibitions, mainly collage work or art boxes, over the years.

On the first of January 2020 I started painting in earnest and have been painting since."

He went on to say, "My style is abstract expressionism – a complete change from how I was taught about how a designer works with the design process - I just do it! I suppose that the subjects that I paint just emanate from my subconscious because I never set out to paint a subject – it just appears!"

The exhibition which runs from 19th May to 30th May is the first exhibition we have run since our extended lockdown and we are very pleased that a long time supporter of Rottingdean Heritage is the first artist, among many others planned for 2021, to kick us off.

Mickey also tells us, "At the last exhibition at Gallery 40 In Brighton, I exhibited my art boxes alongside two of my sons and we all felt it had been a great success. However, the work was planned and executed with much aforethought & I wished to liberate myself from the design “process” and become more spontaneous in my approach."

Regarding this particular exhibition Mikey said, "The work in this exhibition is the result of a new and untapped forces of visual creation, experimenting with colour, form, space and mixage, in an attempt to create bold statements of unbounded energy, emanating straight from my subconscious. Of course, one’s sub-conscious is composed of one’s experiences, so, I often see things in my paintings which I recognise, sometimes in surprising ways. This is the result of my lockdown occupation.

I hope that you will “catch my drift”. "

Please come along and see "Brighter Days" for yourself.

Opening times are still restricted and are published on our website: What's On Next.

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