CBBC Monster Stanley visits Rottingdean and meets Mr Kipling

Updated: 7 days ago

Saturday Mash Up Live the CBBC children's programme on BBC Television dropped in to Rottingdean last Tuesday with their incorrigible puppet monster Stanley to find out more about the village, its more famous residents and to wander down to the beach and meet some children and visitors.

Mike Laslett our curator and archivist "volunteered" to be Stanley's guide and did a sterling job at answering Stanley's amusing questions and observations. Well done Mike!

The BBC had approached Rottingdean Heritage through this website and thought that their young audience would enjoy the opportunity (through Stanley) to find out more about our village.


Although only a short film it manages to pack quite a bit into it, finding the amusing side of the village by amongst other things poking fun at Mr Kipling (confusing cake maker and author), visiting the beach and buying (and dropping) an ice cream, and trying to illegally occupy Stanley House! We loved being CBBC's and Stanley's host (and the butt of his jokes) and hope that they come back a see us again soon. Great fun!

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