The Beach at Rottingdean


The Beach at Rottingdean.

The Gap at the foot of the High Street led down to the beach.

The main picture on the left taken circa 1900, shows Rudyard Kipling who lived at The Elms. He is with his ‘beloved aunt,’ Georgiana Burne-Jones, wife of the painter, Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

The next set of pictures below show the Victorian beach with bathing huts run by Trunky Thomas, seen in the bowler hat. You can also see the pier built for The Volks Railway known as ‘Daddy Long Legs.’

Visitors wear hats and coats which only give way to some prudish costumes by the 1930's photo. 

Finally, there are photos of the construction of the granite groynes. These were shipped to Shoreham Harbour from Scandinavia then driven by lorry to our beach.

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Below a variety of pictures of our beach at Rottingdean in chronological order. 

A continuing work in progress and a much valued asset for everyone to enjoy.

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