Park Road Development


Park Road Development

This work was arranged locally compared with today’s national, or even multi-national, corporations. The surveyor was Mr Overton at 22 Ship Street, Brighton, (see left) a street which had long been home to professional businesses such as doctors, lawyers, etc hence the many fine flint or cobbled buildings.

The materials were purchased, then transport had to be arranged. The three barrows from Peerless in Middle Street were transported by Mr. Taylor from Rottingdean.

Some purchases were small like the red road lamps from Browns in Station Street, Brighton, presumably for the Mr Collins the night watchman mentioned on the timesheets illustrated below. Other small items like oil and pails came from Cruse’s Stores and Richardson’s Stores in Rottingdean High Street.

Some purchases were more substantial, such as the ironwork from Every’s Phoenix Foundry at Lewes and the kerbstones from a Wakefield Colliery. Presumably this was what the aptly named Mr Carter was carting from Kemp Town Railway Station.

Horse and carts were supplied from Rottingdean by both Moppett and Hazeldine. You may recall Hazeldine’s garage went on to develop the Hazelcar.

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