North End House


North End House

The history of these three houses can seem very confusing.

The painter Sir Edward Burne Jones and his wife Georgiana bought Prospect House and merged it with the adjoining Aubrey Cottage. They called their home North End House after their London house in Fulham. At that time the property to their north, Gothic House, was a boarding house.

When Burne Jones’ granddaughter, the novelist Angela Thirkell, wrote a book called ‘Three Houses’ about her childhood, the title referred not to these three houses but to her first two homes in London plus the Rottingdean house. The book is a very good description of how the rich lived in 1890’s Rottingdean.

Following Georgiana Burne Jones’ death in 1920 there were several tenants, including the artist William Nicholson. The property was bought in 1923 together with Gothic House by Sir Roderick Jones, Chairman of Reuters, and his wife, the playwright and author of ‘National Velvet,’ Enid Bagnold. The three houses were called North End House.

Today only the righthand house bears the name North End House, while the two others have reverted to their original names: Prospect House and Aubrey Cottage.

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