Mudslide! October 1987


Mudslide 7th October 1987

Only weeks before the Great Storm of October 1987, the villagers of Rottingdean had to contend with a mudslide which flooded many homes and caused great damage.

Following the heaviest rainfall in 50 years, a torrential storm washed the topsoil from the ploughed fields of New Barn Farm downhill. A wall of water and mud ran across Falmer Road and through Court Ord Road before reaching The High Street and out to sea.

For a period of two hours, a wall of water, at least three feet high, rushed through Court Ord Road, flooding properties, moving cars and demolishing walls. By the time it had dispersed to the High Street the depth of water was about 10 inches. Further flooding occurred the next day.

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If you have any digital images of this event that you would like to share with us then please contact our archivist Mr Mike Laslett, or his assistant Mrs Karen North. Their contact details are on our Who we are Page.

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