Great Storm October 1987


The Great Storm: 15/16th October 1987

Coming only one week after the mudslide at New Barn, which caused so much devastation, it is perhaps fortunate that Rottingdean was to some extent protected from the south westerly gales by Beacon Hill. 

Considerable damage took place in the village but fortunately less than at the clifftop caravan parks and the hilltops like Stanmer and Chanctonbury Ring.

So many sections of buildings, trees, etc; were flying about it was most fortunate that the peak of the storm came when most people were in bed or there would have been far more deaths. 

It was initially impossible to travel anywhere as all roads and railways were blocked by fallen trees. 

Rural areas were without power for a week or more.

Below are some pictures of the aftermath of that night including images of the damage caused to St Margaret's Church.

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If you have any digital images of this event that you would like to share with us then please contact our archivist Mr Mike Laslett, or his assistant Mrs Karen North. Their contact details are on our Who we are Page.

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