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Over the years we have aquired quite a collection of old postcards of Rottingdean and we thought we would share just a few of them here with you, along with some interesting photographs.

The ones we have chosen to upload here range from views from the 19th Century (1840 and 1887 below) to some of more recent years.

They show the development of the village and we particularly like the contrast between the earlier records compared to today, spotting the differences and similarities and noting the changes that have occured.

For example, the way Neville Road suddenly appears climbing up Beacon Hill towards the windmill in what otherwise appear to be near identical views! These are shown in pictures titled Newhave Road 1 & Newhaven Road 2 below.

Although our storage facilities are limited we are always willing to accept items that are of historical value such as these and as these archives grow over the years we will be able to share more of them digitally too.

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